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Patience is a Virtue

Updated: Jan 13

Are You Being Patient?

Most of us are living in unsettling times. In this moment, I would like to connect with you by asking, are you being patient with yourself and others? Are you choosing to see and experience patience as a gift, one that allows you the opportunity to give and therefore, receive?

It's Not Always Easy...

As we navigate through our days and spend the majority of these days with the same people, we may find it simple to lose patience with those around us, including ourselves. Everyone may seem on edge. There lies a stressful feeling that COVID-19 is putting on the entire world, and no-one seems to have a solid answer of when this will ever end.

So Many Unknowns...

We are filled with so many overwhelming uncertainties. When life seems to fill us with these unknowns, it is possible to have an effect on us in a way that could potentially have us feel, act and often say things that are completely out of character. We may experience those "scratch your head and wonder what is wrong with them", kind of moments. Just remember, as I mentioned in the prior excerpt, you are not alone.

We Are In This Together

As the entire world is working through this pandemic, it's important to remember, "We Are All In This Together". We are all on the same team, pulling in the same direction, wanting the same outcome. To get through this as soon as possible and resume life as we once knew it, just a few short weeks ago, we must challenge ourselves to center and move forward with purpose.

Are You Playing Your Part?

So, I ask you again. Are you choosing to see and experience patience as a gift? One that allows you the opportunity to give and therefore, receive? Are you leading by example and gifting those around you the patience you would like to be gifted in return? I urge you take the lead in this area. If you do, I believe you will find the coming days and weeks much more palatable, and even more enjoyable, to live and see it through.

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