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What did you say? Did you really just say that about yourself? Why would you tell yourself that? Why are you putting yourself down? If you are saying that about yourself and to yourself, what else are you saying? What does your self-talk look like?

The Power of I Am

The most high-powered words you can speak about yourself, are the ones that follow the words "I am". When you speak these two words, you are invoking the power of God and you are bringing the power of the universe into your being. Is there anything more powerful that? I think not.

Be Careful What You Say

Now that you know how potent and powerful your self-talk is, do you understand why you need to be hyper aware of what you say about yourself? Your words are literally creating your reality. It is creating who you are.

The Time Is Now

The time is now to change the way you speak about, and to yourself. As you continue to make this change, you will see the profound positive effects it will have on you and your life. Some great examples of statements you can say to yourself that will support this change are; I am smart. I am capable of doing this. I am beautiful. The practice of positive self-talk is incredibly powerful and I hope you will adopt it, and see first hand the power that I speak of.

"Self talk is the most powerful form of communication because it either empowers you or it defeats you"

Much Love

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  • Writer's pictureCoach Chuck Thuss

How are you making decisions in your life? Are you taking part in these decisions? Are you allowing others to make them for you? Or are you making decisions by not making them at all?

What's Best Right Now?

So many people try to make multiple decisions at one time or they try to figure out what decisions they will have to make once they make the one they are facing in the moment. You can only make one at a time and by doing so, you take control of your life and the direction it is going. Make the best decision from where you in life at this moment. The rest will handle itself.

Feel Into Your Decision

What does that mean? How does one feel into their decision? I am fairly certain that you have had a hunch or felt something was right or wrong by the feeling in your stomach. Well this is what I am referring to. I recommend following that hunch or feeling as this is your greater good speaking to you, and that is very powerful. You may not consciously know why you are making the decision you are making, but you really don't need to know. Just trust and proceed. Your greater good knows and that is all that matters.

Trust Your Vibes. Energy Doesn't Lie.

Keep Moving Forward

Decisions are an integral part of life moving forward. Not every decision you make will work out the way you wished it would have and that is okay. That is part of this journey we call life. Please know you can never make a bad decision. You only make decisions that lead you to your next best decision from where you are in the moment. It's all good. Decide and move forward. Take an active roll in your life and life will reward you for doing so.

Much Love

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What a profound statement. While it sounds so simple, it seems as though it is one of the most difficult things for most people to do. But why? Why is it so hard to be yourself? The explanation is simple really. Sad but true, many of us just don't like the who we are.

I Was That Guy

I know this because for years I was the person that didn't like himself. I was always striving to be someone else. Always compromising myself in one way or another to fit. It was hard work and it was exhausting. As I reflect back on those years, not being my true self was one of the ingredients that played a role in me hitting rock bottom in 2008.

What Changed

So what changed? Hitting rock bottom was an eye opener for me and when I made my call for help to Sheila Butchart and started my healing journey, she was the one that made me aware of my uniqueness, all the things that were special about me and all the energy I was using trying to be someone else. She also pointed out on numerous occasions that being someone else was robbing the world of me and my gifts and by being me I could be a gift to the world and it would be a lot less work.

"Don't try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out."
Dr. Seuss

My Wish

My wish for you is that you will embrace your uniqueness, you will shine your light, you will love who you were created to be and you will give the gift of YOU to the world. We are all waiting.

Much Love

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Copyright © 2022 Chuck Thuss - All Rights Reserved

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