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Seeking a bit of Inspiration, Hope and Courage?



Warriors Unmasked, “IT’S NOT JUST A GOALIE THING”, The Podcast is a show that takes a deep dive into the life journeys of professional and amateur athletes/coaches, military personnel, first responders, and even those next door.


Chuck Thuss has teamed up with his good friend and Co-Host Clint Malarchuk, to share in-depth stories and personal experiences, speaking open-heartedly and honestly with guests like Tyler Pelke, Allan Kehler, Corey Hirsch, and many more.


Be inspired by the level of intimacy shared in each episode, a rare unmasking of warriors of all kinds.


Their mission is to gift Hope, Inspiration, and Courage to our listeners by sharing stories focused on Perseverance, Courage, and Mental Health.


Visit the Warriors Unmasked website by clicking the WU logo.

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