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What Did You Decide?

How are you making decisions in your life? Are you taking part in these decisions? Are you allowing others to make them for you? Or are you making decisions by not making them at all?

What's Best Right Now?

So many people try to make multiple decisions at one time or they try to figure out what decisions they will have to make once they make the one they are facing in the moment. You can only make one at a time and by doing so, you take control of your life and the direction it is going. Make the best decision from where you in life at this moment. The rest will handle itself.

Feel Into Your Decision

What does that mean? How does one feel into their decision? I am fairly certain that you have had a hunch or felt something was right or wrong by the feeling in your stomach. Well this is what I am referring to. I recommend following that hunch or feeling as this is your greater good speaking to you, and that is very powerful. You may not consciously know why you are making the decision you are making, but you really don't need to know. Just trust and proceed. Your greater good knows and that is all that matters.

Trust Your Vibes. Energy Doesn't Lie.

Keep Moving Forward

Decisions are an integral part of life moving forward. Not every decision you make will work out the way you wished it would have and that is okay. That is part of this journey we call life. Please know you can never make a bad decision. You only make decisions that lead you to your next best decision from where you are in the moment. It's all good. Decide and move forward. Take an active roll in your life and life will reward you for doing so.

Much Love

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