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What Are You Telling Yourself?

What did you say? Did you really just say that about yourself? Why would you tell yourself that? Why are you putting yourself down? If you are saying that about yourself and to yourself, what else are you saying? What does your self-talk look like?

The Power of I Am

The most high-powered words you can speak about yourself, are the ones that follow the words "I am". When you speak these two words, you are invoking the power of God and you are bringing the power of the universe into your being. Is there anything more powerful that? I think not.

Be Careful What You Say

Now that you know how potent and powerful your self-talk is, do you understand why you need to be hyper aware of what you say about yourself? Your words are literally creating your reality. It is creating who you are.

The Time Is Now

The time is now to change the way you speak about, and to yourself. As you continue to make this change, you will see the profound positive effects it will have on you and your life. Some great examples of statements you can say to yourself that will support this change are; I am smart. I am capable of doing this. I am beautiful. The practice of positive self-talk is incredibly powerful and I hope you will adopt it, and see first hand the power that I speak of.

"Self talk is the most powerful form of communication because it either empowers you or it defeats you"

Much Love

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