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Welcome to Compassionate Connection!

Are there things in your life that are holding you back?


Are you seeking the support you need?

Every day is a new day. How you decide whether you see daily circumstances

as opportunity or obstacles defines who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

Here, we can support you in exploring an endless world of opportunity.


Do you understand or have a clear vision of what it is

you need to get you where you want to go?





Chuck Thuss, owner and Certified Professional Coach of Compassionate Connection supports you on getting clear about what things look like for you.

He provides a unique set of coaching skills that will support you in developing the tools you may utilize to assist in creating your dreams.


Chuck has an equally matched combo of coaching skills with years of experience to back it. He can talk the talk because he’s walked the walk. His coaching expertise has landed him on the International hockey stage serving as the head coach and co-head coach for Team USA at The World Championships of Inline Hockey and The World Games. Under his leadership and support, he guided Team USA to Bronze and five Gold Medal victories.



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Having a WIN/WIN attitude will set you up to achieve more personal and professional success in your life.

At Compassionate Connection, Chuck will support you during the initial complimentary consult in defining where to begin and what will work best to achieve desired results.

Whether you are an individual seeking a specific set of leadership tools and coaching support or an organization looking to acquire a professional coach to work or speak with your team, Compassionate Connection offers an array of guided support.


Contact Chuck for more information on One on One, Group Coaching, Public Speaking Engagements and other inquiries of interest.​​​




With niche specialties in Life, Relationships and Spiritual Coaching combined with real-life experiences, Chuck brings a wide range of tools to the table to assist, guide and enable clients to open up and bring real positive change to their lives.​




The group coaching atmosphere can be very beneficial for all participants. Chuck opens himself to receive insights from others and creates a safe space for all individuals to share their thoughts and feelings. The process involves an array of topics such as living in the now, living with anxiety and depression, being accountable and taking responsibility for your life and honoring one's self by gearing down and disconnecting to recharge your batteries.




With the gift to communicate and to connect with his audience on multiple levels, Chuck delivers every message from the heart and has a way of giving his audience whatever it is they need to hear. The story of his incredible life's journey of struggle and perseverance will keep every crowd on the edge of their seats, wanting to hear more and walking away immensely fulfilled and inspired.







Receive occasional communications that inspire and encourage

by joining Chuck's community any time, any day.



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Access the Compassionate Connection YouTube channel for in-depth interviews with Chuck and guests. You will hear inspiring stories with a variety of information you can use to support you on your journey.


Don't be afraid to share your story, together we will inspire others. - Chuck Thuss

It’s Okay not to be Okay

Sean McCann, for

Although Chuck Thuss enjoyed a professional hockey career that spanned seven seasons plus a season as the starting goaltender for Miami University where he earned a number of awards and accolades, the hockey legacy he wants to leave behind is for other players to know that it’s okay not to be okay. ​



Hollywood should make a movie that captures Chuck Thuss and the extremes in his extraordinary life.  From being a walk-on hockey player to All-American, and from being young and vibrant to contemplating the worst, Chuck engages audiences with his magnificent story.  Life lessons, motivation, sensitivity, and thoughtful ways of coping with anxiety will be passionately explored in Chuck's message.  As one of our student-athletes said to him, "you struck a powerful chord with me".  Even if it helps one person in your audience it will be well worth having Chuck speak to your group/company/organization!


Craig J. Bennett

Assistant Athletic Director - Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

It was such a pleasure to have Chuck as a student at WCI. He is intelligent and has a great work ethic. Chuck mastered the coaching process quickly and brings his own skills to the coaching process through his previous endeavors.  Chuck has a great understanding of what being a coach is all about and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a coach!


Cheryl Thacker

Training Director - World Coach Institute


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