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Are You Taking Responsibility?

Are you taking responsibility for your words, your actions and your life? Are you standing in your truth? Are you speaking your truth? There is great personal power and freedom when you live your life doing so.


By definition, responsibility is the state or fact of being accountable. Are you being accountable for everything in your life? Are you living a life that allows you to take responsibility and to be accountable?

Great Power

There is great power when you live a life of accountability and responsibility. Living a life in this manner is very freeing and peaceful. Living this way is much easier and simpler less stressful because you can just be yourself, and being yourself, is what you do best.

What Does This Mean?

Taking responsibility and be accountable means standing up and saying "Yes, that was me. I said that or I did that". It also means taking responsibility for everything in your life. All the things you have done, not done and the way you feel. It means pointing the finger at yourself instead of others. It's your life, not theirs. Why would anyone want to blame someone else for their actions and feelings? By doing so, you are giving them power over you. You are saying that these people have made you do something or feel a certain way. Why would you give anyone that sort of power over you? Take back your power and be responsible. Own your feeling and actions. While some may feel this is scary, and dangerous, it is just the opposite. It is very brave and powerful and something not found as often today as it was in years past.

"Its only when you take responsibility for your life, that you discover how powerful you truly are!"
Allanah Hunt

The Time Is Now

There is no better time than now to start taking responsibly for you, and your life. The power you will gain, the freedom you will feel and the places you will go will transform your life in ways you could never imagine. This life awaits you. Enjoy the journey.

Much Love

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