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Are You Making Yourself A Priority?

In a world that pulls you in so many different directions all day, everyday, are you making yourself a priority? Are you taking time for you? To do the things that you want to do. Now, more than ever, this is a must. The time is now to take care of you.

Giving More Than We Are Receiving

We all live in a world that has told us our entire lives, to give, give give. But if we continue to give to others, more than we receive, what is going to happen? Our giving bucket will run empty, and when it does, who is going to fill it back up? The only one than can, is us. We are responsible for filling our own bucket.

Filling Your Own Bucket

When I say, fill your own bucket, what does that mean? It means making yourself a priority. Putting yourself ahead of everything this. Taking time to do things for you, because it's what you want to do. It can be a simple as going for a walk, stopping at your favorite café for a coffee, or sitting and meditating for ten minutes. You will know in the moment what you need to refill your bucket, so take the time to do it. You deserve it. You are worth it.

You Are Important

Who is the most important person to you and in your life? You are! While the world may tell you this is selfish, it is actually selfless. If you are not making yourself a priority, who will? You are important. You deserve to be put first. If we are not putting ourselves first and making ourselves a priority, we will never be able to give of ourselves as we wish to for a sustained amount of time, simply because we will get burned out. You deserve to make yourself a priority, so you can be of service and Bless the world with your gifts.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to make yourself a priority? Are you ready to make yourself the most important person in your life? Are you ready to fill your bucket everyday with what you need so you can give of yourself and Bless the world with your gifts? Your soul awaits and so does the world.

Much Love

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