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Are You Living With Faith?

Fear vs Faith.

What are you choosing Fear or Faith? Are you worried about things that may happen or do you have faith that everything is okay? Take a moment to check in with yourself before you answer.

All We Have Is This Moment!

When we take a serious look at fear, and when fear is present, almost 100% of the time it is when we are projecting out what may or may not happen in any given situation. When you live in the present moment and have faith that everything is working out exactly how it is supposed to, there is no room for fear to survive.

It Takes Practice

Living in the moment is something that takes practice. Most of us are brought up worrying about tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Not many of us are brought up living in this moment. With an understanding that when we live in, take care of and make the most of this moment, all the moments coming will be taken care of, as well. It takes practice! I encourage you to start living this way now. As your focus on this moment grows, so will your faith. It will take practice to live this way, but I promise it will be well worth it.

What Are You Choosing?

So, I will ask you again. Are you choosing to live in fear or in faith? This is a perfect time to sit quietly and ask yourself this question. With so much fear being broadcast on the tv and online everyday, are you willing to go against the grain and choose faith? True, unwavering faith. If you do, the benefits will be immeassuareble. I promise

Much Love

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