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Are You Living In The Moment?

Living In The Now

Are you living in the present moment, right here, right now, or do you tend to live in the future or the past? Are you constantly worrying about what might be or in regret of what could have been? If so, I am here to encourage you to live in THIS MOMENT, right HERE, right NOW!

Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

For you, life is happening in this very moment, not in 5 minutes, 5 days, 2 hours ago or 2 weeks ago. I encourage you to do everything in your power to make the most of this moment, YOUR MOMENT. You only get one opportunity to live it. Make it count!!

Every moment is a blank canvas for you to paint. It's an opportunity for you to leave your mark, that's the magic of life.

How Will You Leave Your Mark on This Moment?

With so much unrest and uncertainty everywhere due to COVID-19, it is more important than ever to take control of your mind, and your life, and live one moment at a time.

How do I do this you ask?

Here are a few simple tips to assist you.

1) Be fully engaged in the task or conversation at hand.

2) Take life 1 step at a time.

3) If your mind wanders, focus on your breathing. This will bring you back present.

So, I ask you again... Are you living in THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW? Are you making the most of every moment you have? I hope the answer is yes. We only get one chance at this life and it's my wish for you that you make the most of it, and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 13, 2020

Thank You for the reminder. Breathing keeps me in the moment.

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